Our Company Legacy

Back in 1973, our founder, Steve Herrell, opened the original Steve’s Ice Cream in Somerville, near Boston, Massachusetts. Steve was responsible for revolutionizing the then-stagnant ice cream industry by serving the highest quality, best flavored ice cream available anywhere, and he pioneered the renaissance of the homemade, fresh, “gourmet” ice cream trade.

Steve mechanically altered the motor on a small batch freezer and created an extraordinarily rich, creamy, low-air ice cream, similar to the kind of ice cream made using a hand cranked freezer.

Steve was the first person to grind up popular cookies and candies like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups®, Heath Bars® and Oreos® and incorporate them into his ice cream. This introduced the “Smoosh-in®” to the world, giving birth to our passion for flavors like Cookies ‘n’ Cream and Heath Bar® Crunch, now classic staples in today’s ice cream industry.

Herrell’s® Ice Cream, now in its 35th year, is still going strong! After 42 years in the ice cream business, Steve Herrell has handed the reins over to his partner, Judy Herrell, who plans to continue the company’s dedication to creativity and the pursuit of excellence. Herrell’s® Ice Cream today continues to be at the top for distinctive taste and customer loyalty.

From Our Freezer To Yours

At Herrell’s® Ice Cream of Huntington, we pride ourselves on being a family-owned and operated ice cream store that focuses on providing a variety of products with uncompromising quality.

As Commack natives, it is our pleasure to bring sweet indulgences to the homes that make up the Long Island community. We make all of our ice cream right on premises to ensure that the ice cream served from your table is equally as delicious as the ice cream served from ours.
After all, quality is our family recipe.

For us, great ice cream isn’t enough. With a neighborhood comprised of different tastes and dietary restrictions, we strive to deliver a satisfying solution for every taste bud and nutritional need. We offer over 300 flavors, along with no sugar added, dairy-free and vegan friendly options. Your needs are the foundation to our business.

We look forward to serving you.

Stay Cool,
Cathy and Rick Meuser